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I'm going back to sin city...

I wanna be yours... wanna be your hero...

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More fun updates coming. I’ve been computer-less and evicted from my room (and will be again for a few more days starting on Saturday) due to finally painting... and then the weather turning to shit at the worst time. Finally going to be finished with painting project Saturday. Few days later, after I air things out, the computer will be back up and operating as normal. And so will I.

Eeee! Walk (haven’t gone due to weather and I’m deprived!) and then Chappie tomorrow! <333 Lol, that sounds hilarious together, but I’m talking about the adorkable looking robot movie called ‘Chappie’. Between Chappie and Ultron (unf!), I’m going to have at least some of my robot needs satisfied in the movie department this year.

Fic- "Dancer in a Daydream"

Title: Dancer in a Daydream
Author: Princess Scourge
Series: Bayverse/IDW/Crossover/AU
Characters(s)/Pairing(s): Lockdown (AOE), Tarn, Kaon, Helex, Tesarus, Vos, Swindle, unnamed OC ; Lockdown/DJD
Rating/Warning(s): M (sticky sex, voyeurism, oral)
Word Count: 3,764

The establishment’s finest...Collapse )

2015 Plans!

I should be in bed, as I have a silly job interview in the morning at Target. Meeeeh. (I know I should be more thankful/excited, but meeeeh! xP) Anyway, one of the reasons I am pursuing this job is for the focus of this journal entry; 2015 EVENTS/CONS! So, where are you gonna be able to find the Antonator next year?

The line-up, as of right now: Oklahoma Aquarium (January sometime), APA State Championship [Poultry show] (February 7th), Medieval Fair (March 27th-29th), Thunderkatz [Kitty show] (April 25th-26th), The Oklahoma Reptile Expo (June 7th), Burlesque Festival (June 26th-27th), TFCon Toronto (July 17th-19th), Oklahoma State Fair (Between September 17th-27th), Tulsa Comic Con (October 23rd-25th), Izumicon (October 30th-November 1st).

I hope only the start of many more events to add/attend. My plan is to make 2015 my “event” year. I did quite a few things this year, but I want to go all out next year, because by December 31st, 2015, I want to have my future in education/career figured out and enrolled into whatever I need to. If I go an educational route, I may not have the freedom to attend all sorts of events in the years I’m studying. Especially if I’m working alongside the schooling. Only time will tell, but that is my current plan. ^.^

One other thing. In January, I am going to start YouTubing. xP I’ve been meaning to set up a new channel (or maybe just make use of the one I have) and start making all kinds of videos; fandom, life updates, opinions, faves of the month, animal fun, event fun, reviews, cosplay adventures, outfit of the days, health/weight loss documentation, etc. It’s something I’ve been interested in for several years now, but haven’t had the confidence/‘just go for it’ attitude that I do now. I need to shoot an intro video soon. =D

That’s all out of me. I really must crawl into bed and at least pretend to sleep until 8:30 AM. xD
http://princess-starscream.dreamwidth.org/83247.html ; Chapter One
http://princess-starscream.dreamwidth.org/100388.html ; Chapter Two
http://princess-starscream.dreamwidth.org/130276.html ; Chapter Three
http://princess-starscream.dreamwidth.org/147974.html ; Chapter Four
http://princess-starscream.dreamwidth.org/155180.html ; Chapter Five
http://princess-starscream.dreamwidth.org/155729.html ; Chapter Six
http://princess-starscream.dreamwidth.org/156111.html : Chapter Seven

Title: Home is Where the Spark is

Chapter 8/9: You’re Not What You Seem

Author: Princess Starscream

Series: IDW G1 AU

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jazz/Drift, Megatron/Starscream, Thundercracker/Skywarp/Starscream, Optimus, Onslaught, Swindle, Vortex, Blast Off

Rating/Warning(s): (innuendo, fluff)

Word Count: 2,679

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I am beyond socially exhausted right now. I’m going to hide away and recoup for a while. Give my brain and sensitive ears a rest from all the things. xP Well, I guess it’ll be after Tuesday. Some friends and I are planning on going to see Big Hero 6. :3

So, where do I begin? Ah, yesss... KORN AND SLIPKNOT CONCERT!!! Collapse )

Tulsa Comic Con was interesting... and exhausting...Collapse )


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